Give your employees the best dental benefits

Why Level?

Give your employees benefits that make sense, and save money by only paying for what your team uses. Level makes it easy to self-fund your dental insurance and use your data to produce better outcomes for your workforce.

Upgrade your dental benefits

Offer your employees benefits that put them first—with a flexible network, clear communications, and transparent claims.

Keep your benefits dollars for your employees

Save up to 20% by switching to a self-insured plan. Set your budget, choose what’s covered, and only pay for what you use.

Make a plan that works for you

Offer standard or customized plans to match your workforce’s needs, including add-ons like adult orthodontia and teeth whitening.

Easy enrollment

Connect your HR and payroll systems, or use our employer dashboard to streamline enrollment.

Seamless administration

Level streamlines operations with a modern benefits system, so we can focus on claims and you can focus on your people.

Flexible funding

Choose the approach that works for your business: pay as you go for actual claims, or pay a fixed amount per month and keep any savings.

Actionable reporting

Access and analyze your data through a dashboard so you can make more strategic benefits decisions.

Built-in compliance

Level helps you comply with HIPAA and ERISA requirements. We help prepare your paperwork, including plan documents and filings.

High-touch support

We’re here for you and your team. Easy-to-use tools and tutorials are a tap away—and so is live support.

Flexibility for your employees

Level has a large national network with thousands of dentists and competitive discounts. Your employees can visit any dentist, and save on care when they go in network.

Work with Level

Contact us for plan details, network reports, custom quotes, and more.

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