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Benefits have never been easier

Your benefits are at your fingertips. No more paperwork, no more bills in the mail. It's all in the app. Simple, clear, fast.

Find and visit any provider

Level includes every dental and vision provider in the US. Have a favorite provider? You can still see them, even if they're out-of-network. Get discounts by going in-network.

Get set up before your first appointment

Save your provider, and we’ll do the rest. Level lets your provider know about your new insurance, so you’re set before your next visit.

Your budget, your choice

Spend your benefits how you want to, including cosmetic work like orthodontia or Lasik. View your balance, track your spend, and plan ahead.

Know what to expect

Get treatment cost estimates so you can plan your budget. Easily compare between in- and out-of-network prices. It's your choice how to spend your budget.

Pay instantly

Checking out of your appointment is a lot simpler, thanks to fast claims and simple bills. Pay anything out-of-pocket on the spot right in the app.

Expert, friendly support when you need it.

The Level team is here for you—from reviewing a claim to checking a provider’s status.

I’m thrilled about the idea of giving our team something they actually love to use, and the savings we’d see through self-insurance will allow us to invest more dollars into other benefits and perks.

Chris Tobin

VP of People, Intercom

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