Dental and vision benefits for modern teams

Level's flexible plans and powerful products make it easy to use, manage, and pay for benefits.

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Rebuilding benefits so everyone wins.

Simple plans. Flexible networks. Fast claims. Easy payments. This is how benefits should work, and this is what we're building at Level.


Use your benefits how you want to

See the provider you want and know what it costs before you go. Easily find and pay for your care—all in the Level app.

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Offer benefits your team will love

Design self-insured plans that meet your team's needs and maximize your benefits budget.

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Bring your customers innovative benefits

Design modern plans tailor-made for your clients' workforce with powerful data and insights.

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Save time and get paid easier and faster

Use Level's online dashboard to easily submit and view claims, and get paid quickly.

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Level includes every dental and vision provider in the US, so members can see who they want. We have a roster of partner providers where members’ benefits can go even further.

More coverage, no copays

Level's flexible plans give everyone control over their benefits. Employers set an annual max and what's covered. Plans can include extras like teeth straightening, Lasik, and glasses like Warby Parker.

Fast claims and payments

Level processes claims in hours, not weeks. No more bills 30 days later. If members have out-of-pocket costs, they can pay in the app.

An app for everything

Members can find providers, get detailed estimates for services, and view what’s left to spend in real time. It's all in the app.

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I’m thrilled about the idea of giving our team something they actually love to use, and the savings we’d see through self-insurance will allow us to invest more dollars into other benefits and perks.

Chris Tobin

VP of People, Intercom