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What can I use my Level benefits dollars on?

You can use your Level benefits for a wide variety of items and services, depending on your plan. For example, Food Funds can be used at restaurants or grocery stores. Work From Home Funds can purchase at-home office equipment like a desk or headphones.

Your employer sets up the plans they want to offer and designates a balance for each one, which is automatically added to your Level Card and visible in the Level App. 

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How do I best use my Level benefits?

To spend your benefit dollars, simply activate and then use your Level Card (virtual or physical) at checkout, just like you would with any other regular payment card. There is no need to file for reimbursement if you use your Level Card. 

Upload a receipt if you are prompted to do so for certain purchases.

Eligible charges are covered by your benefits balance, which can be viewed in the Level App. 

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I have a dental and/or vision plan through Level. Where can I use my dental and/or vision benefits?

You can use your dental or vision benefits at any provider in the United States, and Level will cover your plan-eligible care in full (100%), up to your annual maximum. Some providers are part of Level’s network, which offers discounted rates to Level members so your cost may be less than going out of network.

You can search for providers in the Level App. In-network providers have a check mark next to their name and an in-network badge on their profile. When you find your preferred provider, you can select Save on their profile. Level will contact them to set you up before your appointment.

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I have dependents. Do they also get a Level Card?

Members who are 18+ each get their own Level Card to be used on Dental and Vision transactions. Other Funds, like Food, can only be accessed by the account holder.

To view a dependent’s card, switch to their profile in the Account section of the app. To pay for a dependent under age 18, use your own card, and Level will update the correct balance once the transaction has been processed.

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I will be traveling internationally. Can I use my Level benefits abroad?

If you’re based in the United States, but traveling internationally, you can use your Funds abroad with your Level Card. For dental and vision plans, only emergency care is covered outside of the United States.

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If only all customer service could be as kind, helpful, and invested the way Level is. I've never had anyone so willing to sit down and talk me through my plan and benefits like they did.
Level member
I love [my company]...a big factor in me staying too is the Level benefits. Level benefits is amazing.
Level member
[Level Support] went above and beyond and called the provider I was interested in for an eye exam twice to ask them questions I needed answers too. I felt like I had my own concierge helping me! And [Support] emailed me a detailed explanation of how my vision plan works. I am someone who appreciates details a lot!
Level member

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