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The future of work is flexible.

Your benefits should be too. A single app and card make it easier than ever for people to use their benefits on-the-go or working-from-home. From hybrid to distributed teams, your workforce calls for custom, flexible benefits.

Build a custom plan for your team

Make a benefits program that’s just right for your team. What care do they need? What Funds do you want to support? Quickly build and share them with your team.

Keep the savings for your employees

Save up to 20% by switching to a self-funded plan. Set your budget, choose what’s covered, and only pay for what you use. You can put those savings into richer plans for your team.

Get smarter over time

Get deep, real-time insights with the Employer Dashboard. Make your plans better and budget go farther.

I’m thrilled about the idea of giving our team something they actually love to use, and the savings we’d see through self-insurance will allow us to invest more dollars into other benefits and perks.

Chris Tobin

VP of People, Intercom

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