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We power benefits for employers, which give people the freedom to use their funds how they want and unlock new value from their company.

Spending your salary? Easy.

Paying with benefits? Confusing.

At Level, we’re changing that. We’re making it easy — even delightful — to pay with benefits. No more restrictive networks, slow and obscure billing processes, multiple logins and payment cards, and owing more money than you originally thought. We're fixing all that by rebuilding benefits from the ground up.

Level builds benefits that work for your life

Flexible, transparent, seamless. That’s Level. Members use the Level Card to pay with their benefits anywhere.

Funds can be used for anything eligible in plans we help employers design and deliver, from food and fitness to charitable donations, to dental, vision, and more. No more paperwork or surprise bills in the mail. No more reimbursements or constant receipt uploads.

Let’s level the playing field

Everyone benefits with Level. Employers offer bigger benefits for less, members get more freedom and choice, and providers are paid quickly. We believe a healthy ecosystem is one that’s balanced.

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