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Why Level?

Level dental and vision benefits puts members and providers at the center of their care. With Level's Flexible plans, providers get paid instantly and members decide how to spend their benefits.


Your practice. Your fee schedule.

Level’s fees aren’t just competitive, they put you in control. With Level's Flexible plans, members can see any provider they want and get more expansive coverage. That means you can focus on care, not the red tape.


Get paid the same day

Level pays providers in hours, not weeks. Get fast reimbursements by submitting claims through the Level dashboard. In fact, 88% of claims are processed the same day they were submitted.


Grow your practice

Level members can easily find you through the app and compare costs in and out of network. We’ll help them get set up with your practice, and they can call you anytime right from the app.


Increase your bookings

We make it easy for patients to find you, right from our mobile app or web dashboard.


Get paid fast

The Level dashboard empowers you to submit and get paid for claims in real time.


Simplify your day to day

We connect with your patient management system, and offer online tools to streamline patient visits.

I have been in the dental field for 24+ years. This being said, I've dealt with quite a few different dental insurance companies. I am extremely impressed with the professionalism and service from the Level team.

Michael DeWitt

DDS, MA DeWitt Dental