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Enabling your employees’ access to care with Level’s Medical Travel benefit

Our company mission is to provide employees easy access to the benefits and care most meaningful to them. The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade makes this mission more urgent than ever, as millions of people now face significant barriers to reproductive healthcare for abortions and non-viable pregnancies.

Many employers are now committing to cover travel costs for employees to receive the care they need, and our Medical Travel benefit is an option to deliver on this commitment. Launched in 2021, the benefit gives employees privacy and flexibility without paying out of pocket, while also minimizing compliance risks and administrative burdens for employers. Many of our clients are choosing to add this benefit now, and if you are seeking to quickly set up and deploy this benefit, please reach out to our team here.

Medical Travel benefit

As we’ve built out the Level platform, we’ve partnered with people-first companies to explore new ideas for how they envisioned their benefits could support their employees. Not only have these conversations informed our foundational platform designs along the way, but they’ve also inspired many of the benefits we build and deliver.

Last year, customers approached us looking for benefit programs that would make it easier for their employees to receive specialized care that wasn’t accessible either because of a lack of local care providers or due to limitations of their medical plan. By working closely with ERISA experts over many months, we were able to design a Medical Travel benefit that could be used by any customer to cover travel costs for a range of healthcare needs, from gender affirming care to MRIs to pediatric specialists to mental health providers and more.

How it works

Our core belief is that benefits are a way to pay for goods and services and should therefore feel like a modern payments experience:

  • Employees receive an amount to spend on healthcare travel costs, using the Level Card (virtual and physical)
  • Payments are instant and reimbursements aren’t necessary
  • Transactions are processed by Level so HR and Finance teams don’t need to manage approvals and payroll workflows
  • Employers set controls for use of the benefit
  • Level’s platform is designed to facilitate ERISA and ACA compliance while also protecting against fraud, waste, and abuse

Increasing access to care

The limitations on reproductive healthcare have presented new challenges for so many people, adding to the long list of healthcare services that are not easily accessible for all. We will continue working tirelessly to deliver benefits that remove barriers to getting necessary care.

If you’re looking to cover employees’ travel costs for any type of medical care and would like to learn more about the Medical Travel benefit, please contact us here.