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Introducing Level, a new approach to benefits

When it comes to health insurance, we’re stuck in the past. There’s no easy way to find out what a treatment costs until after the fact. Often the insurance company sends notices in the mail with dollar amounts on them, but no way to pay (we all know those “this is not a bill” letters that usually get categorized as junk mail). Then finally, once the actual bill does come, payment information usually needs to be sent through the mail or over the phone.

At Level, we want to change all that. Level is an employer-sponsored benefit that allows people to easily find, manage, and pay for care. We’re tackling dental because it’s an often-ignored segment of healthcare that accounts for over $100 billion in US spending each year.

We put the patient first and build products aimed at helping people make smarter healthcare decisions. Here’s what members can do with Level:

  • Manage benefits from anywhere: with our simple mobile app or web dashboard, people can find dentists in their area and compare options, in or out of network.
  • See the dentist they want: staying in network will always mean savings, but with Level, members can visit any dentist even if they want to see the trusted family dentist that may not take insurance.
  • Know what it’ll cost beforehand: people will be able to compare prices for services and treatments from dental providers up front, and keep tabs on their remaining benefits to avoid surprises later on.
  • Pay for treatment, right from the app: for the first time ever, members can pay what they owe as soon as they leave the dentist office, with no waiting, insurance estimates, or mail.

Companies also work with Level because we save them up to 20 percent on their dental benefits spend. We help employers transition to self-insurance, which means they’ll only pay for the benefits that get used. Even better, self-insuring allows teams to build out highly customized plans (that include things like adult orthodontia and teeth whitening) based on budgets and workforce needs.

“We’ve had a group of employees at Intercom try Level, and the feedback we’ve received so far is outstanding. I’m thrilled about the idea of giving our team something they actually love to use, and the savings we’d see through self-insurance will allow us to invest more dollars into other benefits and perks.” - Chris Tobin, VP of People, Intercom

So why Level?

Throughout my career, I’ve been focused on creating better products in payments and insurance. In the early days at Square, before the company launched, we were coming up with a completely new way to move money between businesses and people. After that, I went on to lead teams at Oscar Health focused on improving the member and provider experience.

A couple years ago, I had a realization that while payment is a critical part of insurance, there’s yet to be a single product that integrates the two in a straightforward way. By thinking holistically about insurance, we could make it easier for people to get the care they need. This is why we created Level.

“Level is tackling a massive but neglected part of the healthcare industry that's seen little innovation in recent years. By rethinking dental from the ground up, the company gives businesses the first smart alternative to working with the insurance giants. From cost savings to deeper customization, Level will help companies everywhere find new value from self-insurance while changing the way that people engage with their care.” - Rob Hayes, Partner, First Round Capital

We’ve assembled a strong team of passionate people with backgrounds in healthcare, insurance, and human resources. From our previous work, we know that having a meaningful impact in healthcare is no small ambition. This is why we’re taking a deliberate and careful approach, and starting with dental benefits. We’re excited to share more in the coming months as we roll out Level with new companies across the US.

Reporters interested in talking to us can reach out at If you’re an employer that would like to learn more, contact us.