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Level Wrap-Up 2023: Our year in numbers

It’s time to look back on 2023 with a little treat from Level. We’ve put together a list of the top eight most interesting stats that stood out to us from across the Level platform to wrap up the year. Grab your festive drink of choice, dust off your favorite holiday playlist, and enjoy our 2023 in review!

1. 85% of members made it to the finish line of their fitness journey

Through Level’s Wellness Lifestyle Spending Account, Level helped members achieve their 2023 fitness goals by giving them the freedom to choose their own path to better wellness. For members with a gym membership in January, 85% continued on through the end of the year.

2. How highfliers used their Rewards and Recognition funds

In 2023, Level helped employers distribute rewards and recognition benefits. This tangible expression of appreciation for employees' hard work increased morale and rewarded employees for going the extra mile. What was the top way members utilized these funds to celebrate their achievements? Eating out!

Eating out represented close to 50% of total Rewards and Recognition spend.

3. Level supported members furthering their education

Level members invested in developing themselves this year through their Education benefit. 

Over 75% of these funds were spent on higher education, online education programs, and vocational programs–we love seeing our members upskill, reskill, and gain new skills.

4. Tuesday is the most popular day for members to use their mental health benefit

Level’s mental health benefits allowed employees to choose the style of care—from app-based virtual sessions to in-person therapy—that best suited their needs. That meant a record covered mental health sessions in 2023, and with employer investment in mental health benefits predicted to rise, we’re expecting this record to be broken again next year.

Want to know which day of the week most people go to therapy? Tuesday!

5. Some Level Members got a little spooky!

One employer came up with a creative way to give employees a sweet treat this Halloween with a custom Lifestyle Spending Account—a Candy Fund. We did the math—their employees gave out 5,000 pieces of candy thanks to their Halloween Fund. That’s a lot of candy and a lot of sugar-coated teeth. Luckily, Level had a benefit for that.

6. Which tooth needed the most love?

If halloween candy has you spooked about your dental hygiene, keep an eye on your lower right molar, the tooth that received the most attention from Level dentists this year. Odds are, it needs a little extra love.

7. How we plan to avoid lines at the grocery store

Some members used their Lifestyle Spending Accounts at the grocery store. Thursday was the most popular day for grocery shopping and Tuesday was the least popular. If you want to avoid the crowds—plan to buy your local groceries on Tuesday!

8. Level members went cha-ching for charity

To round us out, we’re ending with some giving—as befits the season. Our members used their Charitable Funds to support the causes that mattered most to them. In 2023, charitable donations included supporting those impacted by the Hawaii Wildfires, the Turkey Earthquakes, Shoes for Africa and Children's Charities.

On to 2024!

And that’s a wrap! We hope you enjoyed our look back on another great year, and we’re already looking forward to the next one. Speaking of which, what does this list tell us about 2024?

Research suggests that Lifestyle Spending Accounts and Wellness Programs will become even more essential to the wellbeing of employees (79% of whom will expect them as a must-have). As employers look for sustainable ways to administer these benefits, we believe that platforms that champion choice—empowering every employee to spend their benefits in ways that meet their own unique needs—will be the key to maximizing ROI.

To learn more about how Level is helping our customers support holistic wellbeing initiatives, including wellness, mental health, and financial security, reach out to chat with one of our experts.