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Supporting practices during COVID-19

Every industry has been impacted by COVID-19 in dramatic and different ways, as governments and businesses try to sort out what is considered essential and what is not. For dentistry, the focus has been on mitigating the spread of the virus by postponing elective procedures and offering emergency care only. While most dentists are spending less time with their patients, we’ve compiled a list of ideas dentists can look to in order to stay productive during these challenging times.

Inventory check your PPE

We’ve been inspired by the number of dental practices that have donated their PPE to those on the frontlines fighting the pandemic. As a result of this generosity and the national shortage of PPE, many practices may be short on gloves and masks. The reality for dentists is that they are at high risk of exposure, especially given that aerosols are generated during dental procedures. As the ADA explains, PPE will be more important than ever to reduce the exposure risk, so develop a plan for restocking your inventory before you open your doors again.

Consider adding virtual care to your practice

Level has added a virtual care option to its dental plans for employers. That said, a majority of practices aren’t yet up and running with virtual care. Now is a great time to evaluate whether this is an offering you want to add to your practice and look into the different options available. It not only helps bring new patients in the “virtual door,” but it’s also a great differentiated offering for your practice even when your practice reopens.

Upgrade your practice’s solutions

Most practices get dozens of emails and calls each week from companies touting the latest and greatest solution for their practice. Some can bring new patients in the door, ease the workload of the front desk, and provide a better patient experience. Now is a great time to sort through your inbox, take a few calls, and determine if any new solutions on the market can help you modernize.

At Level, countless practices that had been interested in joining our network in the past but didn’t have time to make it a priority are reaching out again. Once offices open again, they’ll be ready to accept our new patients and use our technology with ease.

Focus on continuing education

Busy dentists may find it difficult to set aside time for continuing education (CE) which is required to maintain an active dental (and hygiene) license. Now is not only a great time to get ahead of your CE hours, but also spend time staying up-to-date on the latest research and clinical resources to advance your practice. There are many free courses available online, especially right now, and the ADA offers a great directory of courses where you can sort by date and focus area.

Here at Level we’re focused on helping dentists and patients alike navigate this difficult time. We encourage providers to consider joining our national network of providers. Partnering with Level helps practices deliver a modern patient experience, attract new patients and remove the complexity of dealing with insurance. To learn more, fill out this brief form, and our team will be in touch soon.